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What is this about?  I'll share my story.  When I moved to San Antonio during the pandemic because of the impossible cost of living in San Diego, I was shocked by the number of restaurants and stores that were closing and by the concentration of wealth in one part of the city - the North.  I learned about the effects of systemic redlining in the '30's that persist today, as well as the effects of gentrification and displacement.  I was shocked by all I was learning.  It is  so important that everyone know this:

According to the San Antonio Small Business Assessment Report of 2020: 

I decided to create a unique directory of diverse and inclusive small businesses that the entire city of San Antonio could support. I designed my logo to highlight the historic government sponsored 'Redlining' policy (red line at the top), the blue S represents a river of life bringing the North and South, East and West, together. The multi-rainbow colors obviously represent diversity and inclusivity. 

I then formed an LLC to learn how to create my own small biz from scratch and hope I can help others who want to do the same to establish a legacy for their families.

I am a proud mother of two wonderful adult children.  My son is enrolled in college and is an emerging professional actor, and my daughter works in Development at Pride San Diego.  I am so very proud of them both!

I am a Partnered Business of Compassionate USA and of Charter for Compassion.  Anyone can become a part of the movement by signing up and by 

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Small Biz San Antonio!  

Mission and Vision

Mission: Connect diverse and inclusive local small biz with shoppers who are committed to creating a just economy for all and a more compassionate community in San Antonio.

Vision:  Devise an easily replicable directory template that other Compassionate Cities across the nation and around the world can add to their city websites.