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Community Advantage Loan Program Expansion
March 30, 2022 | Release Number 22-27

Among the reforms being announced for the Community Advantage program, the SBA will:

  • Extend the pilot program to September 30, 2024, providing more certainty for the Community Advantage program, which was set to end in September 2022.

  • Lift the four-year lender moratorium and enable the SBA to grow this important lender network, opening up a critical capital program to more mission-based lenders across the country.

  • Increase the maximum loan size, the new expanded number of lenders will be allowed to access the SBA’s 7(a) government-guaranteed loan program at lending levels up to $350,000, which represent an increase over the current levels of $250,000.

  • Remove the restrictions that can keep individuals with criminal backgrounds from accessing the Community Advantage program.

  • Simplify underwriting and collateral requirements for borrowers and lenders, including increasing the maximum unsecured loan size from $25,000 to $50,000, removing barriers that disproportionally impact underserved borrowers.

  • Introduce additional abilities for lenders to make revolvers and lines of credit, interest-only periods, and other loan modifications that meet borrowers where they are to best serve their capital needs.

  • Redefine packaging fee guidelines to better enable CDFIs, CDCs, and mission lenders participating in the Community Advantage program to scale and increase volume to underserved communities.

Compassionate City

In this video, The Charter for Compassion is read aloud by students of the Boston University's Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground:

Investing in the Charter is investing in a transformation where compassion is the new norm. Investing can mean many things—sharing your stories, expertise, time, and talents, and when possible, giving financially."

Charter for Compassion is the international organization that launched the Compassionate City movement after Karen Armstrong's TED Talk went viral. The result of her TED talk was the creation of the Charter for Compassion or La Carta de la Compasión by leading global theologians and philosophers. It has been affirmed and acted on by millions worldwide.

Anyone can affirm and sign the Charter.

Charter for Compassion is essentially a movement with many different players; individuals, compassionate cities, partner organizations, and coalitions of other organizations all coming together as a network. A global network, a movement, with millions of people, that is co-creating the world that we all desire – one that is peaceful, joyful, and works for all life. The Charter is well-positioned to help lead this movement. Co-creation unlocks magical and powerful opportunities.

2022 Compassion Institute

Community Resource Directory

The San Antonio Community Resource Directory (SACRD) is a directory of human services including nonprofit organizations, congregations, government agencies, and compassionate groups in and around San Antonio.

At The Intersection

At The Intersection is a weekly call by the Faith-Based Initiative of Compassionate San Antonio. It is held every Thursday 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM featuring a compassionate organization or program that benefits our city. The call starts with announcements followed by a briefing and a short Q&A. Email for Live Zoom details.

Below are Pre-Recorded Briefings that are pertinent to our Small Biz.

For all of the pre-recorded meetings since March 2022, visit the
Small Biz SA Youtube Channel:

April 14, 2022: Request for Help - Migration San Antonio - Bishop Sue Briner
Southwestern Texas Synod ELCA

Pre-recorded briefing

April 14, 2022: Migration Update in San Antonio - Tino Gallego, City of San Antonio

As you all know San Antonio is currently experiencing a significant surge in terms of migration. 3-4Xs the size of the 2019 influx. Our City needs Our Help. Yesterday. Today, and it looks like into many tomorrows.

Please share this invitation broadly to your colleagues and networks in hearing from City staff about where things currently stand and how the faith community in Compassionate San Antonio can step up.

Pre-recorded briefing

Feb 17, 2022: LiftFund - Janie Barrera, President and CEO
We provide loans and resources to budding and established business owners. Our clients are diverse, minority owned, women owned, veteran owned, and come from all walks of life. We provide loan solutions that include SBA micro-loans, SBA 504 Loans and the SBA Community Advantage.

Pre-Recorded Zoom Presentation

Certification is proud to have earned the following certifications from the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency:

DIBE (disabled), ESBE (Emerging)

SBE (Small Biz), WBE (Woman)

Economic Segregation

A Special Project on Economic Segregation in San Antonio -
San Antonio Report by the Rivard Report Staff

"Between the allied forces of white flight, historical redlining, the Federal Highway Program, exclusionary zoning, and the mortgage interest deduction, we have created such a finely gradated system of segregation and inequality of wealth-building opportunity that any longtime San Antonio resident can likely tell you how much someone makes by what neighborhood they live in."

Minding the Gap: A conversation on Economic Segregation in San Antonio